Uniface Strike Mint Error Value

Uniface strike mint error

A uniface strike mint error occurs when a blank planchet enters the coining chamber and rest on top of another blank planchet then they’re struck with the hammer and anvil dies. The bottom planchet will receive the reverse design but not design on the other side because of the planchet on top, and the planchet on top will receive the obverse design but not the reverse because of the planchet underneath.

A uniface modern cent can be worth $40 but value on these is based on many factors like date, denomination, grade and if there’s combinations of other errors to the coin. A 1972-S Proof Jefferson Nickel uniface strike has sold for and average of $1,000, but most uniface strikes are worth a few hundred dollars if they’re nickels or larger denomination.Image courtesy of Heritage Auctions

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