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Struck Through Mint Error Value

Struck through cloth

Struck Through Mint Error Value

Struck Through Grease

Struck Through Mint Error Value

Struck Through Unknown

A coin is considered struck through when an object or substance gets in between the die and the planchet and the planchet is struck by the die. Coins have been struck through wood, nails, paper clips, staples, grease, other coins, planchets and unidentified objects. Often coins struck through a grease filled die will be missing some design features.

A coin can also be struck through a die cap and there’s different stages and error types for that and this area has many anomalies considering the nature of the coining chamber all that can happen at the rate of speed of the press.

Values depend on many factors which include the coin type, denomination, and what the coin is struck through. Struck through a die caps can be worth well over $2,000 and they’re one of the most valuable strike trough errors, with struck through grease on a cent is worth around $100 to $200. However, struck through grease on a cent must effect the entire face of the coin to hold that value and not just result in partly missing features like a digit or letter.

Further note: Don’t confuse struck through grease with a filed off or polished off design feature like the three leg buffalo nickel, they’re not the same but result in a similar appearance. In your search you will find many cents with something missing and these are too common to be worth anything extra.

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