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If you're coin collector, and you have some advanced coin knowledge, then you can get some really good deals at ebay. You can buy items that you can often flip for a profit. It's not as easy as it use to be but it just requires more indepth knowledge that is worth your time learning. Here's some ebay coin auction buying tips that guarantee you some of the best coin deals offered at ebay.

You can buy coins at ebay for just $1 plus free shipping and if you add the search to your saved searches then you can get daily emails on new offerings. I looked over these $1 auctions and see some coins that have a potential of being worth more than a dollar. Cherry picking grades to send to a top tier grading service like PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service) is one possiblity with these $1 auctions and another is finding a variety or mint error the seller over looked.

I haven't even mentioned coins that sell for $1 to $5 plus free shipping since there's deals to be found with those auctions as well. Plus there's much more to choose from, so there's even more potential for finding a gem or a rare variety.

Usually you must be a patient person to get the best deals when bidding on choice coins, but the above suggestions are buy it now without the bidding competition.

That's another aspect of bidding on coins at ebay, you just don't bid to win but bid to get the best deal. Once a coin goes higher than you're willing to pay, let it go and move on to another like auction.

Just take your time and search and search and use ebay advanced search options if you have to. Ebay is set up so you can choose to view only the auctions you want.

Another way to use ebay to get the best deals is buy lots or collections of coins. I don't mean the over-hyped auctions with old and modern coins mixed in, or lottery rolls or dutch auctions from estates or hoards, listed year after year, by the same sellers. No, I am talking about auctions that people post that are not regular coin sellers.

You can find bargains often bidding on these auction and coins in lots and collections tend to sell for less than each individual coin would sell for if listed seperately. You have to search to find them but they're still being listed at ebay and here's an example of what I am talking about 90 percent silver coins lot

The larger the lot the better the deal. Lots and collections just don't sell for the same as the coins would if listed seperately, one by one.

Another trick is finding items with misspelled titles or listed in the wrong categories. I know this can take a lot of time to find but the deal you get would be worth your effort. I am not making any claims that you can find a bunch rare or valuable coins, but the potential is there, however you can buy coins using these searches, for less than they are worth and on a regular basis.

The Way To Use Ebay On A Coin Budget

(Are you a coin collector on a budget? Then these tips will help you add to your collection and not hurt effect your budget)
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