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Rotated Die Mint Error Value

A rotated die error is a result of one die not being properly oriented in relation to the opposing die, so when the coin is struck it results in one side being rotated at an incorrect degree. Rotated die errors are measured in degrees and values vary based on the degree, denomination, coin type and coin grade.

Values range from $100 to $300 for common date circulated coins the amount of rotation and if the coin is graded in a holder will effect the value. If the coin is graded MS then the higher the grade and the more rare the date and mint the more valuable the coin. For and example a 1923 Peace Dollar with Rotated Dies, graded MS61 by NGC can sell for $646 but an MS63 example sold for $1,527.50.

So value is going to be effected by a broad range of factors.
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