Reverse Dies 1400-1427

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Reverse Dies 1400-1427

Photos of Civil War Store Card reverse dies 1400-1427 as identified by the new Fuld Numbers. Click on the image for an enlarged view.

When the reverse die is also classified as a Patriotic Civil War Token, a second Fuld number is presented.

Fuld numbers are based on George and Melvin Fuld’s Second Edition of U>S> Civil War Store Cards. (These will be updated to Third Edition upon completion of this site.)

Reverse Dies 1400-1427 Reverse Dies 1400-1427 Reverse Dies 1400-1427 Reverse Dies 1400-1427
New F-1400
Patriotic F-455
New F-1401
Patriotic F-456
New F-1402
Patriotic —
New F-1403
Patriotic —
F-1404 F-1405 F-1406 F-1407
New F-1404
Patriotic —
New F-1405
Patriotic —
New F-1406
Patriotic F-449
New F-1407
Patriotic F-450
F-1408 F-1409 F-1410 F-1411
New F-1408
Patriotic —
New F-1409
Patriotic —
New F-1410
Patriotic —
New F-1411
Patriotic —
F-1412 F-1413 F-1414 F-1415
New F-1412
Patriotic —
New F-1413
Patriotic —
New F-1414
Patriotic —
New F-1415
Patriotic —
F-1416 F-1417 F-1418 F-1419
New F-1416
Patriotic —
New F-1417
Patriotic —
New F-1418
Patriotic F-506
New F-1419
Patriotic F-507
F-1420 F-1421 F-1422 F-1423
New F-1420
Patriotic F-508
New F-1421
Patriotic —
New F-1422
Patriotic F-510
New F-1423
Patriotic F-511
F-1424 F-1425 F-1426 F-1427
New F-1424
Patriotic F-512
New F-1425
Patriotic F-513
New F-1426
Patriotic F-514
New F-1427
Patriotic F-519

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