Reverse Dies 1240-1279

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Reverse Dies 1240-1279

Photos of Civil War Store Card reverse dies 1240-1279 as identified by the new Fuld Numbers. Click on the image for an enlarged view.

When the reverse die is also classified as a Patriotic Civil War Token, a second Fuld number is presented.

Reverse Dies 1240-1279 Reverse Dies 1240-1279 Reverse Dies 1240-1279 Reverse Dies 1240-1279
New F-1240
Patriotic F-243
New F-1241
Patriotic F-248
New F-1242
Patriotic F-250
New F-1243
Patriotic F-254
F-1244 F-1245 F-1246 F-1247
New F-1244
Patriotic F-294
New F-1245
Patriotic F-295
New F-1246
Patriotic F-271
New F-1247
Patriotic F-345
F-1248 F-1249 F-1250 F-1251
New F-1248
Patriotic —
New F-1249
Patriotic F-346
New F-1250
Patriotic F-349
New F-1251
Patriotic F-355
F-1252 F-1253 F-1254 F-1255
New F-1252
Patriotic F-359
New F-1253
Patriotic F-360
New F-1254
Patriotic F-361
New F-1255
Patriotic F-374
F-1256 F-1257 F-1258 F-1259
New F-1256
Patriotic F-377
New F-1257
Patriotic F-378
New F-1258
Patriotic F-379
New F-1259
Patriotic F-380
F-1260 F-1261 F-1262 F-1263
New F-1260
Patriotic —
New F-1261
Patriotic —
New F-1262
Patriotic F-383
New F-1263
Patriotic F-382
F-1264 F-1265 F-1266 F-1267
New F-1264
Patriotic F-386
New F-1265
Patriotic F-390
New F-1266
Patriotic —
New F-1267
Patriotic F-391
F-1268 F-1269 F-1270 F-1271
New F-1268
Patriotic F-392
New F-1269
Patriotic F-393
New F-1270
Patriotic —
New F-1271
Patriotic F-396
F-1272 F-1273 F-1274 F-1275
New F-1272
Patriotic F-417
New F-1273
Patriotic F-424
New F-1274
Patriotic F-425
New F-1275
Patriotic F-432
F-1276 F-1277 F-1278 F-1279
New F-1276
Patriotic F-435
New F-1277
Patriotic F-436
New F-1278
Patriotic F-437
New F-1279
Patriotic F-444

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