Reverse Dies 1200-1239

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Reverse Dies 1200-1239

Photos of Civil War Store Card reverse dies 1200-1239 as identified by the new Fuld Numbers. Click on the image for an enlarged view.

When the reverse die is also classified as a Patriotic Civil War Token, a second Fuld number is presented.

Reverse Dies 1200-1239 Reverse Dies 1200-1239 Reverse Dies 1200-1239 Reverse Dies 1200-1239
New F-1200
Patriotic F-164
New F-1201
Patriotic F-163
New F-1202
Patriotic F-165
New F-1203
Patriotic F-280
F-1204 F-1205 F-1206 F-1207
New F-1204
Patriotic —
New F-1205
Patriotic F-279
New F-1206
Patriotic —
New F-1207
Patriotic —
F-1208 F-1209 F-1210 F-1211
New F-1208
Patriotic —
New F-1209
Patriotic —
New F-1210
Patriotic —
New F-1211
Patriotic —
F-1212 F-1213 F-1214 F-1215
New F-1212
Patriotic —
New F-1213
Patriotic F-287
New F-1214
Patriotic F-433
New F-1215
Patriotic F-434
F-1216 F-1217 F-1218 F-1219
New F-1216
Patriotic F-196
New F-1217
Patriotic F-197
New F-1218
Patriotic F-198
New F-1219
Patriotic F-199
F-1220 F-1221 F-1222 F-1223
New F-1220
Patriotic F-218
New F-1221
Patriotic F-172
New F-1222
Patriotic —
New F-1223
Patriotic —
F-1224 F-1225 F-1226 F-1227
New F-1224
Patriotic F-192
New F-1225
Patriotic —
New F-1226
Patriotic F-193
New F-1227
Patriotic F-194
F-1228 F-1229 F-1230 F-1231
New F-1228
Patriotic F-193A
New F-1229
Patriotic —
New F-1230
Patriotic F-200
New F-1231
Patriotic —
F-1232 F-1233 F-1234 F-1235
New F-1232
Patriotic F-202
New F-1233
Patriotic F-206
New F-1234
Patriotic F-211
New F-1235
Patriotic F-214
F-1236 F-1237 F-1238 F-1239
New F-1236
Patriotic F-229
New F-1237
Patriotic F-233
New F-1238
Patriotic F-234
New F-1239
Patriotic F-244

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