Reverse Dies 1120-1159

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Reverse Dies 1120-1159

Photos of Civil War Store Card reverse dies 1120-1159 as identified by the new Fuld Numbers. Click on the image for an enlarged view.

When the reverse die is also classified as a Patriotic Civil War Token, a second Fuld number is presented.

Reverse Dies 1120-1159 Reverse Dies 1120-1159 Reverse Dies 1120-1159 Reverse Dies 1120-1159
New F-1120
Patriotic —
New F-1121
Patriotic —
New F-1122
Patriotic F-40
New F-1123
Patriotic —
F-1124 F-1125 F-1126 F-1127
New F-1124
Patriotic F-38
New F-1125
Patriotic —
New F-1126
Patriotic —
New F-1127
Patriotic F-39
F-1128 F-1129 F-1130 F-1131
New F-1128
Patriotic —
New F-1129
Patriotic —
New F-1130
Patriotic —
New F-1131
Patriotic F-438
F-1132 F-1133 F-1134 F-1135
New F-1132
Patriotic F-105
New F-1133
Patriotic F-106
New F-1134
Patriotic F-116
New F-1135
Patriotic F-122
F-1136 F-1137 F-1138 F-1139
New F-1136
Patriotic F-123
New F-1137
Patriotic F-120
New F-1138
Patriotic F-121
New F-1139
Patriotic —
F-1140 F-1141 F-1142 F-1143
New F-1140
Patriotic F-115
New F-1141
Patriotic —
New F-1142
Patriotic —
New F-1143
Patriotic —
F-1144 F-1145 F-1146 F-1147
New F-1144
Patriotic F-124
New F-1145
Patriotic F-127
New F-1146
Patriotic F-129
New F-1147
Patriotic F-134
F-1148 F-1149 F-1150 F-1150A
New F-1148
Patriotic F-152
New F-1149
Patriotic F-151
New F-1150
Patriotic F-153
New F-1150A
Patriotic —
F-1151 F-1152 F-1153 F-1154
New F-1151
Patriotic F-144
New F-1152
Patriotic F-138
New F-1153
Patriotic F-140
New F-1154
Patriotic —
F-1155 F-1156 F-1157 F-1158
New F-1155
Patriotic F-154
New F-1156
Patriotic F-154A
New F-1157
Patriotic F-145
New F-1158
Patriotic F-509
New F-1159
Patriotic F-146

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