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1. Which coin is often referred to as a Trime or Fish Scale?
2. What was the denomination of the first coin that was referred to as a Nickel?
3. The design of this coin was modified because it initially showed too much flesh. Which coin is this?
4. A gold coin known for its coiled hair design and was not intended for circulation?
5. Coin minted for circulation and pattern before Philadelphia Mint was built?
6. What year was the first silver dollar minted, post 1776?
7. Coin design was used for the dime, quarter and half dollar but was never used as a design for a dollar.
8. What coin is known for a variety called the Strawberry Leaf?
9. What coin type is called a Potty Dollar based on a post mint alteration?
10. What coin design has drapery and no drapery varieties?

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