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Lincoln Cents

Welcome to your Lincoln Cent Quiz

1909-S VDB 1C

1. The V.D.B. was added to the reverse of the 1909 dated Lincoln Cent reverse, but was discontinued the same year. In what year did the V.D.B. return to the design of the Lincoln Wheat Cent?
2. What is the second most rare Lincoln Wheat Cent based on mintage?
3. Which Lincoln Wheat Cent date and mint is almost as valuable as the 1909-S V.D.B. in G4, but was not meant to be?
4. What year was the Bicentennial Lincoln Cents issued?
5. What is the most valuable and sought after Lincoln Cent of all time?
6. What year did the US Mint produce silver Lincoln Cents?
7. Who designed the Lincoln Wheat Cent?
8. How much does a Lincoln Cent weigh in grams?
9. What is the approximate alloy composition of a Lincoln Wheat Cent?
10. What is the correct diameter and thickness of a Lincoln Cent from 1909 though 2009?

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