CoinHELP! Mobile Coin Values Images Smart Phone App

The first US Coin application with values, images, specification, precious metal charts and much, much more!

Comprehensive database of Hi-Resolution Images & Specs for every U.S. Coin Series minted from inception to date including all major Types, Gold & Silver Coins/Bullion complete with Spot Value Charts for Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium. Charts will show current spot prices as well as weekly, monthly & yearly graphs for each metal.

U.S Coin Identifier is incredibly useful and complete in its content providing high quality images and the information necessary for anyone to accurately identify any U.S. coin. However Coin Identification is only one small part of numismatics. Available this summer CoinHelp! Mobile Suite will include a complete set of numismatic apps. intended to allow anyone of any skill level to have all the information they need to make the smartest decisions when Collecting or Buying/Selling Coins & Spot Metals.

This includes:

* In addition to high resolution images and general coin specs U.S Coin Identifier provides CoinHelp! Mobile Suite will include additional detailed Info & Facts on every U.S. coin series.

* Include even Higher Resolution Coin Series photo examples and updates will be made until there is a photo of every key Date & Mint Mark for each U.S. coin series.

* Detailed Mintage's & Value Charts for every coin series.

Creating this as a web app reduces the space the application will consume on the phone dramatically as well as allows us to make changes and updates on the fly without the need for a user to update the application locally. Please let us know your thoughts, comments, complaints, suggestions, etc.. We would love to hear from you and let us know of any additional features you’d like to see included in future releases.