Missing Clad Layer Mint Error Value


Missing Clad Layer Min Error Value
Missing Clad Layer Min Error Value

Most modern half dollars, quarters and dimes as well as Eisenhower Dollars are clad in nickel with a copper core and there’s been instances of one side of the coil stock missing the nickel clad layer, exposing the copper core. If the planchets are punched out and make it through the entire minting process then this allows for missing clad layer coins.

It is almost always only one side of coin and usually the coin displays some weaker striking characteristics due to the planchet being thinner than normal.

Values depend on the condition of the coin and the grade assigned by a grading company. It can also depend on the date and mint of the coin since some coins are low mintage key dates. The values listed below sample known final values of sold coins and then that is averaged, so I listed a start and a possible high, but often this had to be estimated based on the research.

Partial cladding missing will trade at a reduced rate and double sided would increase.

Roosevelt Dime: $45-$130

Washington Quarter: $84-$105

Satin Finish Quarter: $400+

Kennedy Half Dollar: $250-$300

Eisenhower Dollar: $450-$1,000

Susan B. Anthony Dollar: $150

Sacagawea Dollar: $500-$920

Presidential Dollar: $260 and up

Also see Plating Issues

Image courtesy of Heritage Auctions

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