Massachusetts Colonial
Oak Tree Coinage (1660-1667)
These early American coins were made from handmade dies and are often individually distinctive, and this created a smorgasbord for collectors to identify each die and collect the most rare varieties. The above Oak Tree Coins was minted in twopence, threepence, sixpence and shilling. Below is a list of varieties and values: (All values listed are for coins that grade Good in condition. Values increase with increase in grade).

1662 Oak Tree Twopence, Small 2
1662 Oak Tree Twopence, Large 2
1652 Oak Tree Three pence, No IN on obverse
1652 Oak Tree Six Pence, IN on Rev
1652 Oak Tree Six Pence, IN on Obv
1652 Oak Tree Shilling, IN at Left
1652 Oak Tree Shilling, IN at Bottom
1652 Oak Tree Shilling, ANDO
1652 Oak Tree Shilling, Spiny Tree

1652 Oak Tree Sixpence
1652 3PENCE Oak Tree Threepence
1662 2PENCE Oak Tree Twopence, Small 2
1652 SHILNG Oak Tree Shilling
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