Liberty Cap, Facing Right, Half Cent Value 1794-97

Liberty Cap, Facing Right, Half Cent Value

Liberty Cap, Facing Right, Half Cent Value Facts:

Date – Mint Rarity:

The value of a Flowing Hair, Right Bust, Half Cent is going to be high in any grade but not as high as they could be considering the low mintage for each date. This particular series consist of four different dates and all of them begin in value from $300 to $400 in AG3. It’s actually a bargain since the mintage for 1794 is 81,600 and the mintage of 1795 is 139,690 with 1797 a little less than the 1795, but they’re still affordable when compared to other coin series with higher mintages.

The 1796 is the exception is the key date and extremely rare and valuable with a beginning value at $17,000 in AG3 (about good) but can go for more in choice AG.

Grade – Condition:

Rare and valuable in any grade and condition, but their value dramatically increases in each grade and in VF20 they’re in the thousands of dollars.

1796 Liberty Cap Half Cent Value For AG3
1796 AG3 Liberty Cap Half Cent Right

Note that when I mention a grade like G4 that means the coin is problem free – never cleaned, not pitted, or damaged in any way. If the coin has a “grainy” appearance or seems to have tiny holes, or scratches, or looks “pinkish” then it’s a problem coin and will sell for less than the values listed.

You also have three conditional factors that determine the Liberty Cap, Facing Right, Half Cent value and they are: Red (RD), RB (Red-Brown), BN (Brown). A RD coin is going to have at least 90% original luster as struck by the mint and is the most valuable condition. The luster conditions only apply to mint state coins so any circulated coin will be designated BN.


The varieties for this series are included in the mintage for their respective date and are more valuable than a normal date. The design was modified each year

Precious Metal Content:

Copper melt is non-factor in value got this series since the numismatic value is extremely high. The design was modified by mint employees each year and 1797 leads the pack with the most varieties and offer the best chance of finding a variety.

Here’s the complete list of Liberty Cap, Right Facing, Half Cent varieties:

1795 Plain Edge, No Pole
1795 PE Punctuated Date
1795 Lettered Edge
1795 LE Punctuated Date
1796 With Pole
1796 No Pole
1797 Lettered Edge
1797 Centered Head
1797 Gripped Edge
1797 1 above 1

Designer: Robert Scot
Diameter: 23.5 millimeters
Metal content: Copper – 100%
Weight: 104 grains (6.74 grams)
Mint mark: None (all examples of this type were struck at Philadelphia)

 Liberty Cap, Facing Right, Half Cent Value By Date

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