U.S. Colonial Coin Images, Facts, Values
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Lord Baltimore Colonial Coin With A Man's Head Facing left
Coin With A King Harp And Crown On It
1688 Colonial Coin With A Man Riding A Horse
No Date Colonial Coin With An Elephant On It
Colonial Coin With A Tree On It
1670 Colonial Coin With A Man And A Crown On It
Billon Colonial Coin With Cross, Crown And Two L's
Coin With A Girl Crown And Two LL's French New World Colonial
Coin With A Man's Head Facing Right No Date Rosa Americana William Wood Colonial Coin
Old Coin With Three Axes
Hiberia Colonial Coin With A Man's Head Facing Right
Pitt Token Old Coin With A Man Facing Left Pony Tail Wig
Coin With RF Crown On It
Chalmer's Colonial Coin Cross Hands Shaking
Old Coin With A Ship Rhode Islan Ship Medal Colonial
No Date Coin With Two People And A Tree
Colonial Coin With NE On It
Colonial Coin With Pine Tree On It
Colonial Coin With A Tree On It
1773 Virginia Half Penny Colonial Coin No Date Man's Head Facing Right
1721 Colonial Coin
Old Coin With A House On It
Sommer Island Colonial Coin Coin With Rat
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U.S Colonial Coins date from 1615 through 1773 and there's date crossovers. The Colonial Coins in the best condition are worth the most and our already in collections, but some do come up for auction. However, a lot of these issues are pitted and damaged, especially the coins found in the ground by metal detectors.

So the values of environmental and pitted coins is less than the listed values. In my opinion all Colonial coins that have great details but might be damaged or pitted, should be sent to ANACS, PCGS or NGC. It's better to get a net genuine grade then selling them raw.

If you need help with identifying a coin or finding our its value then post an image here Coin Forum It's free to join and we will go out of our way to help you with your coin's condition, grade and value.

U.S. Colonial and U.S. Post Colonial Coins are often discovered by metal detecting. You never know what you might find in the ground with a metal detector and most don't know what they found. These coin images will help you identify and value the coin you found, but as stated above, a "dug" coin will have environmental damage which decreases it's value.

However, this should not take the fun out of finding something no has touched in a couple hundred years.
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Many people find Colonial Era coins using metal detectors.

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