Over Graded Coins At Ebay

The following images are various ebay coin auction images. These coins are either cleaned, damaged, polished or over-graded and should be examined closely. If you purchased a coin in one of these holders you should seek immediate return if you paid more than a couple dollars over silver melt for the coin.

Just because a coin is in a holder doesn’t mean it’s graded by the world-wide accepted standard. In addition, if the coin isn’t graded by PCGS, NGC, ANACS or ICG then the grade on the holder label or condition of the coin can’t be trusted. You also run the risk of buying coins that are not authentic.

Anyone can buy holders and print labels and encapsulate their coins so don’t be fooled by descriptions or guarantees unless the coins are graded by the top four services. Furthermore, there’s enough possible difference in grades among the top four grading services let alone with these lower tier grading companies.

For further information on these flight by night grading services check out our images sine we have well over 100+ we have found so far. Third Party Coin Grading Service Guides

This coin is possibly cleaned and most certainly circulated. It’s NOT MS66!

Proof it is GSA? It is circulated so how can we believe the grade let alone the pedigree? It’s NOT MS66!

This coin has several contact marks on the cheek and would never obtain MS67 from the top four grading services or any honest dealer or collector.

This coin has several contact marks on the cheek and appears circulated. It would never obtain MS66 from the top four grading services or any honest dealer or collector.

Harshly cleaned and referred to as whizzed and far from MS66.

The coin is circulated and cleaned and would never grade higher than AU Details.

The coin has wear and contact marks from being circulated and has been cleaned as well. It’s NOT an MS60 let alone MS66.

One of the most polished coins I have ever found at ebay. The seller hyped this coin and made no effort to tell the bidders it was polished but rather made it appear a strongly struck and nice example.

This is a nice coin and a rare date in this condition, but I posted this as an example of something to watch for when buying coins at ebay. This coin has a spot that shows someone tried to clean it or impaired it with something. I have sent coins with similar areas to PCGS and they get a Genuine holder with a net MS details, so their value is decreased because of the impairment.

So always look closely at coins and coin images before bidding. In addition, it doesn’t matter what holder a coin is encapsulated in you should always closely examine the coin, and pay or bid what you think the coin is worth and not what the holder claims.

These images are very important to knew collectors or collectors who don’t have much experience with buying graded coins. So we need to get the word out.

Please share this on you social networks, website and forums. We can help prevent people from getting ripped off but these images need to go viral so it reaches everyone. Thanks!

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