Gold Coin Value

Gold Coin Value

Gold coin values are based on reports from auctions, and major price guides and dealer sells of PCGS, NGC, ANACS and ICG graded coins that are valued well above their melt. Otherwise values are based on raw coin sells and reports.

The value of  a gold coin is mostly determined by their melt plus a numismatic premium determined by mintage or the date and mint survival rate, or if the condition grade of the coin is a low population. Small denominations tend to have larger premiums than common date gold larger denominations.

$1 Type 1

$1 Type 2

$1 Type 3

$2.50 Capped

$2.50 Bust

$2.50 Bust

$2.50 Classic

$2.50 Liberty

$2.50 Indian

$3 Princess

$4 Stella

$5 Bust Right

$5 Bust Left

$5 Classic

$5 Liberty

$5 Indian

$10 Bust Right

$10 No Motto

$10 Motto

$10 Indian

$20 No Motto

$20 Motto

$20 St Gaudens

$5 Gold 1/10th

$10 Gold 1/4th

$25 Gold 1/2

$50 Gold 1 oz

Gold Coin Melt Value


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