Wisconsin State Quarter Error

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Wisconsin State Quarter Error

#1 Unread post by ana1877 » Sun Apr 23, 2017 7:42 pm

So...I was going through a huge jar of change and came upon a Wisconsin Error State Quarter "low leaf " . I was wanting someone's opinion on if it would be worth it to have it graded? Probably a silly question to ask, but just not sure.

Thank you! :)
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Re: Wisconsin State Quarter Error

#2 Unread post by Daniel » Sun Apr 23, 2017 10:48 pm

These are worth and average of $100 and this is circulated and would cost you at least $50 to have it graded through PCGS or NGC. So it is better as is if you're wanting to sell it.

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Re: Wisconsin State Quarter Error

#3 Unread post by Paul » Mon Apr 24, 2017 9:16 am

i have found, these to be a 'very interesting' example of "un-graded" Vs. "graded", when it comes to "SALE VALUES" ! whistling2:

unfortunately most all info i collect is from 'on-line' transactions,......which rarely let's me get to know the "DIE STATE, RUB, & CONTACT MARK CONDITION",.....which for me, are most important.

remember that 'auctions', like the ones 'on-line' ( :ebay: ), are going to be basement 'wholesale' prices......because that's what they are for you & me. (not the shill bidding power-sellers)

i always recommend that the "non-pros" buy a 'certified coin'. there is just too much hanky-panky go'n on these days. :s

or,....pop over here & ask us,....we've been at this long enough to recognize the 'bad ones' from good pictures.

so 'VALUE',.....that's a tough one here,....these have dropped in "realized auction price" a bit, do to the higher # of certified examples that have come out....but in a 'graded slab', or RAW with several 'awesome clear pics', should bring the best $$. exactly how much,....anybody's guess ?? you should be able to get a good idea from the "SOLDS" on-line. i never go by the "price guides",....because they are a "GUIDE" (is it worth $50 or $500 ??)

anyhoo, here is my set,....that i got from a gal i know,...."THANKS GRANKS"

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