Counterfeit 1908 Coronet Five Dollar Gold Eagle

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Counterfeit 1908 Coronet Five Dollar Gold Eagle

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If you think you know your counterfeits then you might be about to learn something. I did.

Here's the excerpt from Coin World, original source was ANACS:
"The counterfeit 1906 Coronet gold $5 half eagle illustrated here is a typical gold fake. The quality of this counterfeit is good, but this type of fake is not extremely deceptive once you know what to look for.

While the piece exhibits no obvious patches of tool marks or large repeating depressions on the coin, other diagnostics can be used to detect this fake and most of its “cousins.”

The weight and gold content of this style of counterfeit is a good news/bad news situation. "

Here's the link to the entire story. ... e.all.html

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Re: Counterfeit 1908 Coronet Five Dollar Gold Eagle

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Overall, not sure I could pick this one out.
The star above the crown and to the right of the hair appear closer to Lady Liberty, giving the impression the device is slightly larger. But, luster on the high points that lack detail and the bumps in the neck... can't see them in the photo.

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