Glad to be...

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Glad to be...

#1 Unread post by Shross1 »

Hello everyone iam Shross1....i call myself a Hobbist...i dont buy. iam tryin to sell at all times.I jus started about 4 months ago and Iam addicted.I hav found some interesting coins.I would love to share some of my images as soon as i get more familiar with this forum.I got a lot of questions and i kno you guys/gals hav the they say happy hunting....

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Re: Glad to be...

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Re: Glad to be...

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Welcome aboard !!
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Re: Glad to be...

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Welcome to the community!

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Re: Glad to be...

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Welcome :)
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Re: Glad to be...

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Re: Glad to be...

#7 Unread post by Mrweaseluv »

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