I’m Christopher from Upstate NY!

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I’m Christopher from Upstate NY!

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Well all’s I can say is thanks to Daniel, an also blueridge silver hound, as well well as silver picker. I was drawn into the hobby as well as my belief in stacking silver and gold right now due to uncertainty in the world. I’ve been collecting about 5-6 months I’ve bought some stuff from eBay but I bought mostly from online auctions. The information an advice Coinhelp U gives as well as BlueRidge is amazing and vast and sometimes mind blowing haha! Let’s just say that my gf is not happy with how much time this hobby takes up lol. Trying to soak everything up like a sponge!
So I guess that will conclude my introduction to the site. I do collect all kinds of other antiques and items. Hopefully my gf and I will have a store up and running on EBay. Also last thing I’m going to send my first 10-12 coins off to Anacs I think.. So I’m just wondering if it’s all good I post some pictures and get peoples opinions? Thanks an Goodnight!
1868 3 cent nickel, 1948 Jefferson FS, Sacagewea dollar not sure of the year an I don’t want to mess with the capsules right now lol. An A 1895 Indian head penny with crazy DDO or Mechanical Doubling.. I also have some Susan Bs, 2 Ikes I’m going to try and get graded PR70 Deep Cameos. An 2 Morgan’s 1878 S and a 1888 no mark. 1 1905 Barber Dime, and the Seated Liberty quarter with last but not least a 1912 Canadian Large Cent. Please help me out Coin Community let me know if you want better pictures and if I should or shouldn’t waste money on sending the lot of coins.. Thanks again everyone for your time and effort. Sorry this post was long.

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Re: I’m Christopher from Upstate NY!

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Hello Christopher , Welcome aboard pal ! I guess your NOT getting married soon . lol ( happy wife , happy life )
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Re: I’m Christopher from Upstate NY!

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Re: I’m Christopher from Upstate NY!

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Daniel's video 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Here is more info concerning the nature of the companies to help you not lose money.
Thinking of Slabbing? Make sure you understand the Facts...or Lose Money.
1. The grading companies are not a way that the majority of people, even those with a great deal of experience and know what they are doing, are going to be able to make a of money from. Many people start using grading companies thinking they will find a way to finance their hobby, but they learn a hard lesson quickly.

2. Watch some of Daniel's videos where he gets pieces back form the grading companies. Note even people who live, eat, breath, and deal coins for a living (like Daniel) can accurately predict what grade the companies will give. And...the "fault" (not really a fault) is in a mistaken perception - not people like Daniel.

Coin grading companies are a business out to make a profit - this is why they exist. They use a system where (allegedly) three graders look at each coin and give an opinion. The company videos showing the process make you believe this is a relaxed paced process of studying each coin. In fact one PCGS video shows a number of guys sitting around a table discussing what they think a specific coin should be graded as (on youtube somewhere - sorry no link). Uh uh.

If you take a PCGS graded coin slabbed as MS64, break it out, and resubmit it to PCGS, you are never guaranteed the same grade again. The slabbed coin might come back MS62 (bad day for graders), 63, 64, 65, 66 (great day for you!). This is b/c the process is all subjective: No scientific/verifiable standards or methods are used. Personally having talked with former graders (granted - its been awhile), the process is very rushed since they told me graders are paid by how many coins they can get through in a day.

But..this is all hearsay without proof. So...

https://www.coincommunity.com/forum/top ... _ID=130186

Also link to and read (download if you want it) the pdf link in my signature. The verifiable data presented shows trusting people have spent thousands of dollars on many slabbed coins that are not what the companies claims/slabbed the coins to be.

You don't have to throw in the towel over these companies...but education about the reality of them will put you on the right pathway to dealing with them in a legit way without losing money in the process.

And…if you just like to collect slabbed coins for what they are, which makes losing/making money from slabs irrelevant, then of course enjoy them!
Fact Check the grading Companies:
Fact checking grading company shortcomings on NO FG halves:
https://tinyurl.com/yalrstjz or higher resolution version: https://tinyurl.com/y7rksxu8

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