Introducing myself

Tell us a little about yourself or what and why you collect. You can post question here also.

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Introducing myself

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Hi. I recently rekindled me love of coin collecting. My 11 year old nephew asked me if we could look at my coin collection and if I would help him start his own collection. We have spent the last 6 weekends shopping at our local coin shop and have built him a great starter set as well as added some nice coins to my collection. He now comes home from school and asks my sister if he can check for new coinHELPu videos instead of playing video games. Thank you for helping me bond with my nephew and for rekindling my love for the hobby as well. Keep up the good work!!!!

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Re: Introducing myself

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Re: Introducing myself

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Welcome !
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Re: Introducing myself

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Welcome! Glad you have been able to enjoy this with your nephew.
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Re: Introducing myself

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