1968-D dime - Help me determine the errors

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1968-D dime - Help me determine the errors

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This is my first post so please be gentle. I apologize for the poor images but I only have a low resolution USB microscope. I am not a coin guy but I am a Mfg. engineer with lots of failure mode analysis experience with precision machined metal products so I find what I have learned so far about error coins quite fascinating and engaging. There was at least an issue with die alignment going on here. This dime I am posting is part of a roll that has a variety of common issues with every coin but this one has the most issues total in one dime. They are all 1968-D uncirculated minty looking coins with lots of raised sharp edges. I will give my best general description by eye and then you can evaluate all the close up pictures and hopefully help me determine what I have. All of my dimes are shiny looking in the middle and frosty looking around the outside %50 of the coin on both sides. All of the lettering on both sides around the outside of them looks faceted when you tilt them in the light. Most of them are proof looking in the shiny middle section. Now for the additional details on this specific dime. Some lettering is partially missing and has lots of flat spots. There appears to be a crack in the torch and a possible die crack line near it. Please look over the pics and tell me what you think. Also, what should I do to get the best disposition on all of these? Is there any significant value in this type of error? Thanks in advance for your input.
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Re: 1968-D dime - Help me determine the errors

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I know I've seen this before . Just can't remember . Lets wait for Paul or Daniel to answer this one . They always have the answer . ; )

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Re: 1968-D dime - Help me determine the errors

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This is not an error.
What you are seeing is the result of a common late die state strike.
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Re: 1968-D dime - Help me determine the errors

#4 Unread post by Earle42 »

I agree with Paul.

The level to which you are evaluating these coins is understandable given your stated background. However, the billions of coins produced each year means tolerances are far from perfect at the level to which you are noticing. Spending time at error-ref.com will help you in knowing what the hobby identifies as collectible errors.
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Re: 1968-D dime - Help me determine the errors

#5 Unread post by Daniel »

Denver mint dies and die deterioration along with some circulation can cause this.

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