20 Dollar Bill

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20 Dollar Bill

#1 Unread post by wilkinsp21 »

Might wanna save a few twenty dollar bills with Andrew on them

Twenty-dollar bill going from Andrew Jackson to Harriet Tubman — Proposed new design below:
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Re: 20 Dollar Bill

#2 Unread post by SensibleSal66 »

Yeah , I read and watched a few video clips about it . I think it's time for a change for once and why not .Personally I don't think it will be for several years the way the Govt' works though .
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Re: 20 Dollar Bill

#3 Unread post by Daniel »

I saw that this was being proposed.

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Re: 20 Dollar Bill

#4 Unread post by Earle42 »

Quick...who can you think of was in rebellious against the evils of the "establishment" and took a part in trying to illegally break into and take over a government building?


"Harriet Tubman...was one of the major planners of the attempt to take over and occupy the United States arsenal at Harpers Ferry in 1859. Seventeen people were killed in that action. The leader, John Brown, was charged with treason against the Commonwealth of Virginia, murder, and inciting insurrection. He and six others were convicted and executed for their roles in the attack. Had she not fallen ill shortly before the attack, Harriet Tubman might well have been among those captured and executed."

The proposal to put Harriet Tubman in the twenty was first introduced during the 2nd Great Depression under obama.

Ironically enough this design was recently re-introduced on the same day the recent 2nd impeachment plans were announced for an alleged similar action in D.C. (proven baseless by the FBI).
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Re: 20 Dollar Bill

#5 Unread post by Paul »

I sent someone to the bank today cash a check for me.....

I had her ask the teller for some brand-new $20 bills ....... GONE!

There has been a HUGE run on these for the last week....... so I don't believe these are going to be valuable anymore, even in high PPQ
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