military payment certificate

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military payment certificate

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how do you tell the difference between 1st or 2nd printing----thanks---
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Re: military payment certificate

#2 Unread post by Mrweaseluv »

Yours lacks the J at the end of the serial number making it a reprint/replacement note. This in effect could make your note more valueable as the replacement notes are harder to come by im told..
Quote from

Series 641 Military Payment Certificate Value

Military payment certificates for the series 641 were the first notes used in Vietnam; that is also the only country in which these were used. They were originally issued on August 31st, 1965. They were redeemed on October 21st, 1968. In total, a little over 283 million in face value was printed for series 641 MPCs. Lots of Vietnam veterans came home with these, so most aren’t rare. With that said, don’t completely discount your note. There can be rarities hidden in that group. Some replacement notes can be rare. Instead of having a serial number that ends with the letter J, a replacement has a serial number that ends with just a number. Another wildcard factor that can increase the value of series 641 military payment certificates is their print run number. Now if you happen to have a replacement that is also from a rare print run, then you are really in luck. Feel free to send us pictures of what you have via email. We can check it for varieties. We should also mention that the ten dollar denomination of the series 641 MPC was heavily counterfeited. Always put a little extra scrutiny into examining a ten dollar note. Some can be quite deceptive.
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