1921 Peace dollar stained?

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1921 Peace dollar stained?

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Hi all. Looking for some help please. I'm hoping the pictures show the mark on the reverse side of the coin. I can't tell if it's sharpie or what? Should I leave it alone? Does it hurt the value of the coin? Thanks in advance for the help,


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Re: 1921 Peace dollar stained?

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Re: 1921 Peace dollar stained?

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Impurities and can be removed, very similar to a delamination.

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Re: 1921 Peace dollar stained?

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If it is marker, acetone (pure - make sure the label says this - Walmart - 2.00 in health and beauty department) will take it off easily. Just put the coin in a glass container, cover it in acetone, and let it soak for a minute or so (might not even take 30 seconds). Don't let the acetone totally evaporate while the coin is in there (if you want to soak it for an hour or so put cover on it) b/c the dirt will be re-deposited and made much harder to remove.

Acetone cannot harm, hurt, grind up, disintegrate, crinkle, burn, french fry, boil, marinate, cream fill, or damage your coin in any way. Its is chemically impossible for acetone to react with the metal of your coin. And acetone will only remove surface gunk not belonging there. Absolutely no trace of the coin being put into acetone will remain - not even on a microscopic level.

"Acetone cannot meddle with the metal of your medal/coin."
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