1972 half the coin seems SILVER!??

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Re: 1972 half the coin seems SILVER!??

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Thanks everyone

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Re: 1972 half the coin seems SILVER!??

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Okay. I'm sorry that I even posted that thread now . Besides table sounds , weighing and measuring , how can one be sure their Silver is Authentic ??
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Re: 1972 half the coin seems SILVER!??

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Never be sorry for a learning experience! 😊
We are here to help people find the correct answers.

There are numerous ways. At present the Chinese have flooded the market with all sorts of fake silver coins from Morgan dollars to silver bars. Some shops use a magnetic slide b/c real silver coins are not magnetic at all and slide down quickly vs fakes. And XRF machine is the very expensive way to go. Surface testing with chemicals is not enough b/c some are plated. Do some internet searching for more answers.
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