1983 P & D Kennedy halves

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1983 P & D Kennedy halves

#1 Unread post by BillyBob »

What is the deal with the high values on the high mintage 1983 Kennedy's? 1982 is the winner for the decade as far as low mintage. How can this be? Only thing I can think of is it's the 20th anniversary of Kennedy's death. I don't have pics since this is a general question. Please help clear this up for me. Thank you, William

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Re: 1983 P & D Kennedy halves

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I do not typically see the 83s going for high value. But of course the exception to this rule would be if a 83 (or any other date) was assigned a very high grade in a slab from a grading company. Very high grades are uncommon and the market drives the price of them up.
Fact Check the grading Companies:
Fact checking grading company shortcomings on NO FG halves:
https://tinyurl.com/yalrstjz or higher resolution version: https://tinyurl.com/y7rksxu8

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Re: 1983 P & D Kennedy halves

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I recommend researching "Pop Reports"
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