Is this Kennedy hair accented or unaccented?

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Is this Kennedy hair accented or unaccented?

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Hello all, you probably get 1000 questions like this today. If so, I apologize. Is this candy half dollar one with ActionAid here, or an accent? It is the common, Nanik send it here, correct?

Hello all! You probably get 1000 questions like this a day. If so, I apologize.

Can you guys tell if this Kennedy half dollar is the one with accented hair or unaccented? Unaccented, right?

Finally, if you guys could do me a solid, could you give me the approximate price I should charge for these 6 Kennedy ('64-'69) and one 1954 Franklin half-dollar on EBay? You certainly aren't human condition, but they're not all in horrible condition coming either. It's hard for me to put a number value on them; I would just say they look like regular 50-year-old coins that had been circulation

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Re: Is this Kennedy hair accented or unaccented?

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The forum is for these types of questions so we don't mind them at all. Anyway the Accented Hair Kennedy Half Dollar must be a proof and your coin is a business strike fro circulation.

The Franklin and 1964 Kennedy Half Dollars are 90% and worth around $10 each. The rest are clad in 40% and might bring $3 each, because all are common coins and they have been circulated.

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