1909 VDB Matte finish

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Re: 1909 VDB Matte finish

#11 Unread post by Earle42 »

The boos you mention, while definitely standards in the hobby, all have the prices way too elevated for what actual prices are. I own al three myself as references but understand the listed prices are there just to let me know whether the coin is face value, somewhat desired, or greatly desired in the hobby.

Part of the elevated prices is b/c the books list what you would expect to PAY for one (not get when selling - I know, seems contradictory, but in real life its not). Another reason they prices are too high is that they only have once chance to guess what price might be somewhat correct in the coming year. So they set them higher. unlike eBay, the prices in the books are static.
Melodyinusa.ms wrote: Thu Oct 08, 2020 12:21 pm I get so frustrated trying 2find a coin that resemble mine on sold lists.
If you cannot find one on eBay sold, shoot us a pic and we can help you find it. After awhile you will be practiced enough to find them for yourself.
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Re: 1909 VDB Matte finish

#12 Unread post by Paul »

This is an excellent example of coins that have been graded/attributed/valued on a flip by undereducated collectors.
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Re: 1909 VDB Matte finish

#13 Unread post by Melodyinusa.ms »

TY Dan for ur insight support and information I looked4hours the other day, couldn't find any coin that resembles my coin. I will send out a better pic of it. Would appreciate ur opinion on it. Thanks so much.

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Re: 1909 VDB Matte finish

#14 Unread post by Daniel »

Very rarely will you find two coins that look alike, this will not add any value to the coin.

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