High Points on the Lincoln Memorial Cent

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High Points on the Lincoln Memorial Cent

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I'm posting this because I looked everywhere on the web for this information with no luck. The information is available for the Lincoln Wheat Cents, but not the Memorial Cents.

I'm searching a hoard of 173 lbs. of cents a friend sold to me for errors. They are in good condition from being locked in a glass water cooler bottle for the past 20-60 years. The cents are from 1960-1999 and I wanted to pull the higher grade cents out, but was unsure of what I was looking at. Many of the coins look great to me but I can't keep them all! happydance:

So, I dug deeper into figuring out how to ballpark grade them and at least separate the uncirculated MS coins from the circulated AU coins. Closer examination and trying to ignore the overall great condition of the cents I was looking at, I could see that on the obverse there was a faint pink-to-purple discoloration in Lincoln's ear edge, hair, cheek, beard tip, and the edges of his coat. On the reverse, the discoloration was mainly along the bottom step and the two vertical buttresses and tripods flanking the steps, and faintly across the roof line. I'm guessing this discoloration is signs of wear (not toning) and automatically makes the coin an AU circulated coin.

Below is a high points diagram (marked in red) I created in Photoshop based on what I was seeing on multiple cents for both the obverse and reverse sides I examined.
Lincoln Memorial Cent High Points (Obverse).jpg
Lincoln Memorial Cent High Points (Reverse).jpg
I hope this helps.

Happy hunting!

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Re: High Points on the Lincoln Memorial Cent

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Yes your coin is circulated and for those that don't know the OP made those lines on the coin and it is not a part of the actual coin.

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