Couple of Questions...

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Couple of Questions...

#1 Unread post by I like Dimes »

Hi. Been a lurker for awhile but now i could the assistance of this awesome community.

First. Can someone tell me what is going on with the words "we trust" on this 1998D Penny? Seems really odd to me.

Next, is this a 1970S small date variety?

And lastly, on this 1955S wheat penny is that a normal mint mark?

Thank you.
1998D REV.jpg
1955S REV.jpg

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Re: Couple of Questions...

#2 Unread post by PetesPockets55 »

Welcome and thanks for posting both sides of the coins.
It is usually best to post one coin per thread. It avoids confusion and is more likely to get you replies if some one has input.

1)The first image enlarges pretty well but it is hard to tell if it is plating blisters which affects copper plated zinc cents.
(Also seems to be on the reverse between the left side of the N of ONE and the rim.
2)Might be a small date but you would need to get a closeup of the date.
3)The MM question is difficult without a closeup also. Could be an RPM or just damage from a hit (PSD- Post Strike Damage).

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Re: Couple of Questions...

#3 Unread post by Paul »

my gotcoins: :

using these pics, i hugeeyes ...

the '98D looks like PMD to me,
hugeeyes the 70S SD/LD identifier pic below
the 55S mm looks like a whack on the mm also

:mad: these are hard pics to use for a definitive attribute here, so ... JMO
1970S LC TYPE.jpg
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Re: Couple of Questions...

#4 Unread post by Daniel »

Yeah it is more beneficial to post one coin per topic.

I see plating issue on the first coin, large date for the second and contact marks on the third.

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