1988 Olympic Dollar

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1988 Olympic Dollar

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1988 Olympic Dollar

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The 1988 silver dollar was one of a near-legendary status. The coin was the first released to commemorate a sporting event of any type, and, the first silver dollar in 88 years.

The obverse features Liberty's torch and the Olympic torch merging into a single flame, while the reverse shows the U.S. team logo, framed by olive branches. It is the first silver dollar in 88 years, but it lacks the antiquated artistic touch of the 1900 Lafayette dollar.

For several years, the coin sold for under silver bullion prices, even the proofs, due to lack of demand, and a high mintage. For that reason, the coins were extremely popular among investors. Now the coins sell for around bullion in PROOF 67, and command high prices if certified by a reputable company as a high grade.

The design may have been lackluster by some standards, the coins legacy is still very much alive today. The 88 year gap in between the minting of the Lafayette dollar, and this piece, was soon to be compensated. There were many different designs since this piece,which surpassed the artistic level of this coin. All of those will be covered by myself day, by day here for your reference.

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