Proof Silvereagle's and First Strikes

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Proof Silvereagle's and First Strikes

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what about the proof silvereagles --- are they good investments? if they are pcgs 69 or 70, or ICG or NGC?

Also the things they call First STrike & Burnished. is that legit? or a scam to get a higher $.?

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Re: Proof Silvereagle's and First Strikes

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First strike is essentially a scam. Most ASEs are first strike, and being so adds nothing to the value. Burnished eagles aren't a scam, it's just another way of minting eagles for collectors.

Business strike - the regular bullion coin that is mass-produced solely as bullion
Burnished/Matte - a special strike for collectors
Proof - struck at least twice from specially prepared dies for collectors


Re: Proof Silvereagle's and First Strikes

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If you can I highly recommend you take a look at Reverse Proof ASE if you're a collector and not an investor in just silver. Reverse Proof ASE are extremely beautiful and highly collectable. They have some of the lowest mintages in all of the series. If I had some money I'd definitely like to get my hands on at least one in the future.

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