Opinions of US collectors of the scarcity of the Canadian cent

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Opinions of US collectors of the scarcity of the Canadian cent

#1 Unread post by tone8tone »

I would like to say hello to anyone who enjoys collecting coins from up here in Canada.

As I collect from both the US and Canada.
I do notice the many differences between the collection communities.

The market here seems a bit lackluster compared to the US.

Which is a bit strange as most you know..
Since 2012~the minting of our penny has been discontinued.
There has been a reclamation of coinage from the banks.

You can't just go in to a Bank and ask for a box of pennies from a teller.

Even if someone brings in a collection- you would need to really know someone as
They are not allowed to give it out only accept at face value and then send it away to be destroyed.

I would be interested to hear opinions from US friends on the low mintages and now scarcer supply of the Canadian Cent.
Is it just a population thing?

Could US collectors bring life into the markets here in Canada??

I am fairly new to all these are some of questions i think about..


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Re: Opinions of US collectors of the scarcity of the Canadian cent

#2 Unread post by Mrweaseluv »

well I collect canadian Large cents, but not so much the small cents... though I do have several rolls of 2012s kicking around :D but even the large cents getting harder and harder to come by :D
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Re: Opinions of US collectors of the scarcity of the Canadian cent

#3 Unread post by Earle42 »

Living within 80 miles of the border in my early life, I was an avid Canada and US coin collector. Crossing the border was common.
I used to look at the comparatively low mintages and low prices of Canadian coins and think that my collections would some day be worth a lot more than what they were back in the 70s. That scenario never happened.
Unfortunately I found later in life that growing up close to Canada meant I saw Canada different than most US
residents. I found once you get about 150-200 miles south of the border, which also seems to be about how far away you need to be before you do not regularly find Canadian mixed in with US change, that the mindset switches from Canada being a close neighbor to being a "foreign country" like France or Spain. And there is not a huge market for "foreign" coins in the US.
In the days before the internet, US Coin shops near the border used to keep track of Canadian coins and value. But I experienced outside that 150-220 mile radius I mentioned before that coin shops would sell me any Canadian coins they had at face value. They made some profit this way since Canadian face value back then was less than US face value. But I got some nicer Canadian coins this way. I once asked a dealer in South Carolina why he only wanted face value and his reply was he had no way to sell the coins so he was glad o get rid of them.
A main difference today though is today everyone has an internet venue to sell the more rare coins for what Canadians will pay.
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