1909 VDB find

If you metal detect or just hunt for hidden treasures then post your stories and find here. Everyone enjoys a good lost treasure story or news find and they're welcome here as well.

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1909 VDB find

#1 Unread post by CoinBoy2 »

Happy new year! This is my 1909 VDB I found while looking through rolls from the bank. :)
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Re: 1909 VDB find

#2 Unread post by thairunts »

That's a neat find in a bank change! congrats!

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Re: 1909 VDB find

#3 Unread post by SensibleSal66 »

Nice find !! Happy New Years and good luck in 2021 .
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Re: 1909 VDB find

#4 Unread post by Daniel »

Nice find.

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Re: 1909 VDB find

#5 Unread post by Earle42 »

Very nice find. The unworn condition seems to indicate it was stored someplace for a long time.

Amazing this can be found in change 122 years after it was made.

In the 70s my grandfather had laundromats, so we went through about $1000.00 of change each week. Never found a Barber that I remember. The oldest Nickel found was a 1913 Buffalo (but almost all found were dateless), oldest dime a 1916 Mercury, oldest quarters were no date SLQs (never found a dated one!), and the oldest half a 1920-something Walker...at the time these oldest finds were only 54 years old as compared to your 122 year old find!
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