Is this 1795 FH Dollar a fake?......

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Is this 1795 FH Dollar a fake?......

#1 Unread post by typeviic »

Thoughts? BTW, I'm not worried if it's cleaned/details.


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Re: Is this 1795 FH Dollar a fake?......

#2 Unread post by Iceresistance »

I'd test with a magnet, then weight it, but it would be the 1795 Silver Dollar 2 leaves variety if it's real.

It should weight around 27 grams . . .

If all these tests without damaging the coin are showing a real deal 1795 Silver Dollar, I'd get this sent to PCGS or NGC, even if it's in poor condition, it easily reaches over $3,000 dollars!

Just my 2 Cents . . .
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Re: Is this 1795 FH Dollar a fake?......

#3 Unread post by Daniel »

I would send a coin off to ANACS, it's the best thing to do, too many people are passing off coins like this and they need to be authenticated.

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