State Quarters vs ATB Quarters, and the future

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State Quarters vs ATB Quarters, and the future

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So, certainly beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I think most would agree the reverses of the state (and territories) quarter series are vastly less attractive than the reverses of the ATB series. Too many of state quarters use a couple different devices to be symbolic of the state (e.g., Florida with the old ship and space shuttle) - and way too many threw needless text on their designs (e.g., did Texas need “The Lone Star State” slapped on a design of having the state outline and said lone star?). I know the states had some say in their state designs, but was that the same for the ATB quarters. And, with the Tuskegee Airmen quarter slated for release in early 2021, what’s next. I haven’t see an federal legislation as too what the reverse of the quarter will be. Anyone know?

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Re: State Quarters vs ATB Quarters, and the future

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I haven't heard anything myself.. I like the ATB quarters myself but I think they should change the design over-all.

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