2000 P Jefferson Nickel Interesting and Strange Find

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2000 P Jefferson Nickel Interesting and Strange Find

#1 Unread post by Vin »

Came across this peculiar nickel in a roll recently. :dunno

There are two different 2000 P Jefferson Nickels here in the pics, one is your standard JN, the other JN for sure not a regular coin, at least not anymore. hugeeyes

Looked around and I'm really in need of a bit of help to determine what I have here. :sos:

In the pics, the JN's are being stood up by a notebook, as you can see, one looks 'normal' the other looks like it was 'cut' right in two right down the middle of the coin between the two sides.

In the close-up photos of the strange JN, it looks like there was some kind of folding of the edges of the coin over the dates and words. :confused:

The strange JN is flatter, more pancaked than the normal JN, but it weighs about the same as the normal one. :dunno

Please help, need an authority! :dunno

PS Can't figure out why the scale photos keep reverting back to the upsidedown ones... :dunno
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Re: 2000 P Jefferson Nickel Interesting and Strange Find

#2 Unread post by DSCoins »

Looks like it is just heavy circulation damage and or PMD. JMO

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