1982/82-D LG/SM Date

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1982/82-D LG/SM Date

#1 Unread post by DSCoins »

Something has me a little confused while looking at the PCGS price guide. Let’s see if I can type it all out and make sense of it at the same time.
The following are the abbreviations I will be using. C=Copper, Z=Zinc, LD = Large Date and SD=Small Date.
On the PCGS price guide the have them listed as follows. 1982 (shows it as C SD) only when you bring up the coin’s number, otherwise it is just listed as a 1982. The 1982 C LD 1982 C SD I get. Next one is listed as a 1982-D Bronze. When you click on PCGS’s coins number, you will see it is a C LD. Then they have just a 1982-D. Again, when you click on the coin’s number do find out that is a Z SD.
Of all of them I get 1982 C LD, 1982 C SD, 1982 Z LD and 1982 Z SD. The 1982-D Z LD, 1982 Z SD. So, the ones I am having a hard time understanding is why they listed the 1982 without showing C SD which it is. Now the last two. The 1982-D’s. First, they list the 1982-D Bronze and when you click on the coin number you get it showing a C LD. Next in line they list it as just a plain 1982-D when it is a 1982-D Z SD.
So, I guess what confuses me is why are they are they listing these as a 1982, 1982-D Bronze and a 1982-D.

I sure hope I typed it out and someone can make since of it because I confused myself even more trying to make it, make since.

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Re: 1982/82-D LG/SM Date

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It's important to keep in mind that dates such as 1982 (which have a variety of planchet compositions) can have the information jumbled up on the TPG's websites....... as with many other coins and their inaccuracies.
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