The ups and downs of coin roll searching

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The ups and downs of coin roll searching

#1 Unread post by DSCoins »

Searching coin rolls can certainly have its ups and downs. You may come across some error or variety. You check it out, do your research six ways to Sunday to confirm that you have what you thought you have. Of course, every now and again you come across a coin that has been totally destroyed by someone. You sit there and look at the coin and start to drift off to wonder what this poor defenseless coin ever did to deserve all that damage. Then you start wondering, that if this person could do all this to the coin, what else could they do? But I digress so back to topic on hand. The coin that you found and confirmed if not worth a lot, but it is still special to you as you found it searching all those coins. Of course, you could really be lucky and find that one-million-dollar coin. Honestly, we all hope to find that one coin even if you do not want to admit it. Now for one of biggest downers I can think of (yes this happened to me not long ago), I was searching a box of pennies, cents or what ever you want to call them. I remember when I first came on-line looking for forums about coin collecting. One of the first one I joined insisted on correcting everyone who called them a penny was wrong and they were cents. Hmm I had to wonder about that one. When you look at the reverse of a penny, be it wheat, Lincoln Memorial or the Shield, they both say Cent on them, then a course on the back of the nickel it says 5 cents, but we all call that a nickel. Darn here I go again off topic. So back to the original downer while coin roll hunting and yes it has to do with damaged coins. This last box of cent/pennies, which ever trips your trigger, I came across a 1999 cent. I could just barely see the 1999 date and yes, I found myself going from my 5x/10x/15x loop to my (hate to say it) USB microscope just to confirm the date, which I really had no need to do. Old habits die hard sometimes. So next I removed it from the Microscope and looked at the reverse to check for the wide AM variety. About two thirds of the reverse was even worse than the front of coin, which was pretty bad as it made me think that I had to use my USB microscope (which told me what I already knew). Upon further examination I found that this beat up helpless cent was in fact a 1999 wide AM. The total let down finding this variety and not being worth even thinking about keeping. I already have the 1998 and 2000 wide AM. I am still missing the 1999 to fulfill the trifecta. So yes, as you may have guessed it was a major let down on finding the 1999 wide AM and it not being in any condition to even think about keeping.

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Re: The ups and downs of coin roll searching

#2 Unread post by Iceresistance »

Advantages of Coin Roll Hunting

Higher chances of Older coins (Wheat Pennies, Sliver Coins & Older dates)
Higher chances of a Variety
Higher chance of a Proof coin
Higher chances for a 'W' Quarter (Quarter boxes)
Usually available at your nearest bank
It's fun searching them

Disadvantages of Coin Roll Hunting

May not find ANYTHING
Can be UNC (Uncirculated) & nothing will be found (Exception of Quarters, Uncirculated 2020 & 2019 boxes have a good chance for a West Point Coin)
May not be available
Rolls could contained rejected, severely damaged coins
Can take hours to hunt a whole box
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Re: The ups and downs of coin roll searching

#3 Unread post by monsterbug1 »

you should have kept it despite condition for 3 reasons

1. it only costs a cent
2. They are still very rare
3. If it was in as bad of shape as you are saying, it could have been more valuable that if it were in meh shape, as coins that fit in the "worlds worst coin collection" level of bad usually have a minor price spike vs G4 condition

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