Welcome To CoinHelpu Community!

When you're posting in this forum remember these things:
  • Start your own topic, so please don't post your coin or question in another person's topic.
  • Remove your coin from the holder.
  • Post ONLY one coin per topic, we don't need comparison images.
  • Crop your image and take as clear of an image as possible.
  • Don't post pictures of microscope screens - these are pixellated and hide details when zoomed in.
  • You need to post post (1) a full OBV picture, (2) a full REV picture, (3) and picture(s) of the area on your coin you are asking about).
  • Also be descriptive in your title AND question about your coin. Include date, mint, coin type, denomination and brief question in title.
  • Lastly, please watch the video below!

The video shows how to attach only 1 photo. Use the same method but select
all 3 of your photos when posting a question.