Flowing Hair Wreath Reverse Large Cent Value

1793 Flowing Hair, Wreath Reverse, Large Cent Value
1793 Flowing Hair, Wreath Reverse, Large Cent Mint State Grade
Chain Rev
1793 AMERI
1793 AMERICA, No Periods
1793 AMERICA, Periods
Wreath Rev
1793 Vine And Bars Edge
1793 Lettered Edge
1793 Strawberry Leaf

1793 Large Cent, Wreath Reverse, Value Facts

Date-Mint Rarity:

One year, one mintage, and this is an extremely rare and valuable coin. The value begins at $1,700 and continues to climb from their.

Grade Condition:

Note that when I mention a grade like G4 that means the coin is problem free – never cleaned, not pitted, or damaged in any way. If the coin has a “grainy” appearance or seems to have tiny holes, or scratches, or looks “pinkish” then it’s a problem coin and will sell for less than the values listed.

You also have three conditional factors that determine the value of a Flowing Hair, Wreath Reverse, Large Cent and they are: Red (RD), RB (Red-Brown), BN (Brown). A RD coin is going to have at least 90% original luster as struck by the mint and is the most valuable condition. The luster conditions only apply to mint state coins so any circulated coin will be designated BN.

1793 Flowing Hair Large Cent value wreath
AG3 (About Good) Flowing Hair Large Cent Wreath Reverse
Designer: Attributed to Henry Voight
Diameter: 27 millimeters
Metal content: Copper – 100%
Weight: 208 grains (13.5 grams)
Mint Mark: None (Philadephia Mint)
Edge Lettering:
These is the different varieties of edge lettering.
1. Vine and vertical bars, alternating
2. Lettered: ONE HUNDRED FOR A DOLLAR with one leaf after DOLLAR, or
3. Lettered: ONE HUNDRED FOR A DOLLAR with two leaves after DOLLAR

Large Cents

1793 Large Cent, Wreath Reverse, Value By Date/Variety