Flowing Hair Half Dollar Value

1795 flowing hair half dollar ms63
Graded MS63 By PCGS

Flowing Hair Half Dollar Value Facts:

Date – Mint Rarity: 

All of the dates are rare and will be worth at least $800 and up.

Mintage is just the original amount reported by the US Mint of how many they were supposed to mint. It’s not an indication of how many have survived today since many have been lost, buried, and melted.

On average the S mint mark (San Francisco Mint) coins are most rare and valuable but there’s other dates and mints worth a premium.

Grade – Condition:

The grade of a coin is it’s condition and the better the grade the more the coin is worth, and some Seated Half Dollars are worth much more because they’re rare in uncirculated grades.

The image below is of a Flowing Hair Half Dollar grading G6 but you will find them in lower grades like AG3 or even less. Many will be damaged and those are the most economical to buy just to have one in your collection or fill a hole.

1794 Flowing Hair Half Dollar ag3
AG3 Graded By PCGS

Flowing Hair Half Dollar Value:

1794 $2,000 (G6) to $300,000 (MS63)
1795 2 Leaves $800 (G6) to $100,000 (MS63)
1795/1795 Recut Date, 2 Leaves $2,400 (G6) to $10,000 (MS63)
1795/1795 Recut Date, 3 Leaves $900 (G6) to $90,000 (MS63)
1795 Small Head $1,200 (G6) to $80,000 (MS63)
1795 A over E $900 (G6) to $120,000 (MS63)


Designer: Robert Scot
Diameter: 32.5 millimeters
Metal content: Silver – 89.2%, Copper – 10.8%
Weight: 208 grains (13.5 grams)
Edge: Lettered – FIFTY CENTS OR HALF A DOLLAR (various ornaments between words)
Mint mark: None (all dates of this type were struck at Philadelphia)

Half Dollars

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