Flowing Hair Half Dime Value

Flowing Hair Half Dime Value
Flowing Hair Half Dime Value

Flowing Hair Half Dime Value By Date

Mint state and key date listed Flowing Hair Half Dime values is for graded, certified and authenticated coins in PCGS or NGC holders. The rest are a sample of raw coin sell but this is not a guarantee your coin with the same date, mint, grade and holder will sell for this exact value.

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Flowing Hair Half Dime Value Facts:

Date – Mint Rarity:

You only have two dates to choose from and neither have mint marks because they were minted at the Philadelphia Mint only. The 1794 appears to be the most rare and is worth the most with values starting at over $1,000, and that’s in the lowest grade. You might find one in damaged condition for a $1,000 but finding them listed for sell is difficult enough.

The 1795 is easier to find and buy, so a good deal on these would be under $1,500 and a great deal on a low grade and damaged coin is $600. A 1795 provides the best opportunity to buy one for your type collection.

You can find the best deal  on them at ebay auction, but BIN (Buy It Now) are often to pricey, so be patient and try not to bid to win but bid what you can reasonably pay and not go over what the coin is worth. If you just want a hole filler for your album then you can find the 1795 more readily than the 1794.

Flowing Hair Half Dime Value AG3
Flowing Hair Half Dime AG3

Grade – Condition:

AG3 is the most economical grade for both dates because they’re worth thousands in higher grades. A 1794 in VG8 (Very Good) is worth $3,000 and in it’s $11,000+ in AU50 (About uncirculated, and the 1794 is worth at least $2,000 in VG8 and $7,000 in AU50.

In Mint State (MS) they can reach as high as $70,000 and not less than $18,000 depending on the date. A MS63 1794 is worth around $30,000 and the 1795 in the same grade is worth around $18,000 – this gives your and idea of how rare this two date series is.

It is the first United States coin to have the denomination Half Dime, it’s predecessor of 1792 had Half Disme (pronounced deem) and was an attempt at international appealing denomination.

Flowing Hair Half Dime Value By Date:

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