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Counterfeit Trade Dollar Facts

Trade Dollar CounterfeitShould you buy Trade Dollars considering all the counterfeits and fakes? My answer is a resounding “YES”!

You should never stop buying a coin because people are counterfeiting. All you need is to become smarter than the counterfeiters. If you don’t think you can do that then you need to watch my video, because you can out-smart the counterfeiters.


A few key points on Trade Dollars:

  • Minted from 1879-1885 and 1878-S through 1885 are proof only. So any non-proof date from 1879-1885 are fakes.
  • Should weigh 27.2 grams and even a worn example will weigh a gram or gram and half less.
  • Worn Trade dollars have the same patine as a worn Morgan, Seated or Peace Dollar.
  • Learn the fonts of the numbers and letters because the counterfeits are almost always incorrect in size and thickness or shape.
  • Also pay close attention to the folds in the gowns and compare to an authentic Trade Dollar. You can use Heritage coin auctions Trade Dollar images to help compare.
  • We as collectors need to arm ourselves with knowledge and not let these counterfeiters get the best of us. It’s time to share our wisdom and accurate facts with ALL people. Not just coin collectors.
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