Bubbled & Split Copper Plating
Split Copper Plated Layer
In 1982 the U.S. Mint began replacing the copper planchet Lincoln Cents with a zinc planchet that's plated with a thin layer of copper. Although a large number of 1982 dated Lincoln Cents where struck on copper plated planchets an even great number was struck on the new zinc planchets plated in a thin layer of copper.

Often gas (atmosphere) is trapped in between the copper plating and the zinc planchet, and when there's small areas of poor bonding between the plating and planchet, this can cause the expansion of these gases just after the strike. It's called bubbled plating and there's some extreme examples out there, however it's common and doesn't add any value to the coin.

Another issue is often refered to as split plating and this appears to be caused when the plating layer is spread out too far, in the areas next to the devices, and causes the zinc layer to be exposed. When this happens next to the mint mark some mistake it for an Repunched Mint Mark (RPM), and if by the date some have mistaken the split plating as a doubled die, but neither is factual.

It's what collectors often call a plating issue and there's more than the two I mentioned above. Futhermore bubbled plating can also be enlongated which looks like something more rare than bubbled plating. See images provided for reference.

It's important to realize that even though plating issues are technically mint errors they're not rare enough or have enough interest from collectors to be worth a premium.

Note, there's been a recent discovery of a 1983 Lincoln Cent that was struck on a copper planchet, but it's a rare error/variety. So weigh all your 1983 Lincoln Cents and if they weigh 3.1 grams than you just might have something rare!
Bubbled Copper Plated Layer
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