Classic Head Half Cent Value 1809-36

Mint State Classic Head Half Cent Value
Mint State Classic Head Half Cent

Classic Head Half Cent Value Facts:

Date – Mint Rarity:

Classic Head Half Cent value can depend on the mintage and survival rate of the date. However most dates start out at $50 in the most common low grade of good, but the 1831 is rare (only 20 known) and it’s value begins at $6,000 and the 1811 is a semi-key that starts at $500. You also have some rare restrikes in 1811 and they are worth at least $15,000 each.

Grade – Condition:

Classic Head Half Cents are worth around $50 in G4 and can be bought cheaper when found in AG3 (About Good) or if they’re damaged, cleaned or altered in any way. The higher the grade the more valuable, and Classic Head Half Cent value in the MS (mint state) grades is in the hundreds of dollars, but depending on date can be worth thousands of dollars.

Note that when I mention a grade like G4 that means the coin is problem free – never cleaned, not pitted, or damaged in any way. If the coin has a “grainy” appearance or seems to have tiny holes, or scratches, or looks “pinkish” then it’s a problem coin and will sell for less than the values listed.

You also have three conditional factors that determine the value of a Classic Head Half Cent and they are: Red (RD), RB (Red-Brown), BN (Brown). A RD coin is going to have at least 90% original luster as struck by the mint and is the most valuable condition. The luster conditions only apply to mint state coins so any circulated coin will be designated BN.

G4 Classic Head Half Cent Value
G4 Classic Head Half Cent


1809 with circled in 0 and  1809/6 9 over inverted 9 are the most well known varieties and they offer a slight premium over normal design coins.

Designer: John Reich
Diameter: 23.5 millimeters
Metal content: Copper – 100%
Weight: 84 grains (5.45 grams)
Edge: Plain
Mint Mark: (None, minted in Philadephia)

Classic Head Half Cent Value By Date

1809 Circle in 0
1809/6 9 over inverted 9
1828 13 Stars
1828 12 Stars

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