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Over Graded Coins At Ebay

The following images are various ebay coin auction images. These coins are either cleaned, damaged, polished or over-graded and should be examined closely. If you purchased a coin in one of these holders you should seek immediate return if you paid more than a couple dollars over silver melt for the coin. Just because a […]

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Top 5 Coins Sold At Amazon

Top 5 Coins Sold At Amazon Amazon has came a long way in their listing of coins but there’s still room for improvement on the prices, and eliminating sellers who are taking advantage of novice collectors or people who are just buying gifts for a coin collecting loved one. After this list I will give you […]

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Buying – Selling Coins Portsmouth Ohio

Buy – Selling Coins In Portsmouth, Ohio We have been a trusted coin and gold dealer in Portsmouth, Ohio since 1954 and online as CoinHELP! since 2002. So give us a call at (740) 354-2646 or (740) 821-6612 and ask for Dan or Don Malone. With 54 years of experience we have become a name to be trusted, and offer […]

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US Coin Values

The values of coins depends on many factors like condition of the coin, the coins grade and the date and mint mark. What most people don’t realize is that the value of a coin is almost never because of it’s age, but how many were first minted and how many have survived up to modern […]

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Ebay Coin Auctions

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