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Braided Hair Large Cent Counterfeit – Fake 1856 Large Cent
Large Cent Counterfeit Coin

Here’s an image comparison for a counterfeit versus an authentic 1856 Braided Hair Large Cent. It is easy to see the large cent on the left is fake when they’re side by side, but it’s another thing when the fake is being sold with other like coins. You might also see the counterfeit large cents in holders at flea markets, antique booths and ebay.

On the fake above the strike is “off” and weak, the head tilt is not known for this date, and the over-all details are not correct for this large cent issue.

Counterfeits can also weigh the same as authentic examples so you need to know the design details or even the die varieties to compare the coins too.

Watch our video on fake or counterfeit large cents

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